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radixis it possible to register adapters from instances, instead of interfaces or class declarations?00:35
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philiKONonly if you use marker interfaces00:36
radixyeah, that's what I expected, I guess00:36
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philiKONbless you01:38
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nathanyif i want to render a custom page for 404s, is it as simple as registering a BrowserPage for NotFound?02:21
nathanycool :)02:22
nathanyname="index" ?02:23
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Dude-Xquick question, does the latest dev version of zope work with python 2.5?07:35
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romanofskimoin :)09:42
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baijumTheuni, what should be the name of final releases "3.4.0" or just "3.4" ?11:40
* baijum know that both are same from setuptools point of view11:41
baijumTheuni, should we add trove classifiers to individual packages ?11:47
TheuniI don't have an oppinion on that right now. ;)11:53
TheuniI'm thinking in the way of "if it doesn't take too much thinking or consumes too much time then yes"11:54
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* baijum confused about zope.annotation's classifiers :- Environment :: Web Environment and Framework :: Zope311:57
baijumzope.annotation depends on zope.component and zope.location, but it doesn't make it "Web only" or "Zope3 Framework"12:00
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baijumTheuni, I just released zope.annotation 3.4.0, what should be the next release version in trunk, "3.5.0" or "3.5.0a1" ?13:01
TheuniphiliKON: do you remember what the devision was?13:02
Theunitres recommended 3.5dev13:03
philiKONwe don't have one13:03
Theuniwe need one13:03
philiKONtres indeed recommended 3.5dev or so13:03
philiKONi recommended a mixture13:03
Theuniat least from aestethics13:04
philiKONwell, 3.5.0dev is you please13:04
philiKONpoint is, that the branch always points to the next release + dev13:04
philiKON(that was the thought behind my idea013:04
philiKONit looks better in stable release branches13:05
Theuniok, why add the dev?13:05
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Theuniwe don't want to do dev releases anyway, right?13:06
philiKONright. the dev is there so that people don't accidentally build tarballs from the branch13:06
philiKONor the trunk13:06
philiKONit's a reminder to do proper release management before a release13:06
philiKONupdate, changelog, etc.13:06
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Theunigotta go lunch13:07
* baijum going for 3.5.0dev13:08
* baijum wonder why this PyPI page doesn't look pretty :
philiKON.. conetents::13:11
philiKONbtw, it would be better if the changes were *below* everything13:11
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philiKONbaijum: you also want to bump the version number on the 3.4 branch13:41
philiKONof zope.annotation13:41
philiKONto 3.4.1dev13:41
baijumphiliKON, ok, will do now13:41
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CrippsFXmorning srichter, how are ya?16:19
srichterCrippsFX: good16:19
CrippsFXgood good.16:20
CrippsFXwhat's the goal for the upcoming code sprint?16:20
srichterI think one of the goals will be package dependencies16:21
srichtermaybe pushing for Zope 3.4 final16:21
srichterother topics will depend on people's feedback, I think16:21
CrippsFXah. Just doing a lot of cleaning up et al so that we're closer to another release then.16:22
CrippsFXI'll check out the wiki to see what needs to be done. If I can work on any of it beforehand, I might try my hand at it.16:22
srichterCrippsFX: do you think you can come?16:23
CrippsFXsrichter: again, it'll depend if I can be sponsored to go. I won't have the cash to go myself ... It'll probably depend on the university ... unless you know of anyone I can ask for some financial aid ;)16:24
CrippsFXI would love to go, and I could take the time off, it's only cash that's keeping me from going right now.16:25
srichterCrippsFX: Do you have a car you can drive to Boston with?16:25
CrippsFXno, I don't.16:25
CrippsFX... unless I could convince my girlfriend's mom to let us go to boston with her car, but that would be almost a definite no.16:26
srichterhe he16:26
srichterI believe it16:26
CrippsFXworse comes to worse, I could participate *in proxy* ... set up ekiga and all.16:27
CrippsFXand VNC.16:28
srichterCrippsFX: dod you see my private messages?16:28
CrippsFXyeah, sorry, I was doing some other reafing as well.16:30
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baijumTheuni, ping ?16:39
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baijumTheuni, should I update svn:externals of zope.annotation in Zope3.4 branch ?16:40
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spythonhi, I want to have a OIBTree as a schema field.. i defined the field as a Iterable but I'm not sure what the value_type should be :(16:53
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spythonthe tree vill be a   <string>:<int>16:54
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mgedminwhy not define it as a Dict(key_type=TextLine(), value_type=Int())?17:29
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philiKONJ1m: could you give me cheeseshop rights for zope.event pls? my cheeseshop id is philikon18:31
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xbeanxHow do I include a ';' character in a tales string?  ie:  tal:attributes="onclick function1(); function2();"18:50
xbeanxoops, I mean tal:attributes="string:onclick function1(); function2();"18:51
bigkevmcdxbeanx: see
bigkevmcdshould work18:54
xbeanxlol, tried everything but that18:55
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fdrakephiliKON: So, you removed one of the blank line turds, but not the other in the same example.19:02
fdrakeAny reason to keep the other?19:02
philiKONfdrake: ah. well, the one that i kept separates the metadata from packaging hints19:02
philiKONabove the blank line we have mostly informational stuff19:03
philiKONbelow the blank line it's mostly  hints to setuptools19:03
fdrakeMight be worth a comment explaining the separation then.19:03
philiKONgood point19:03
fdrakeIt's reasonable, I think.19:03
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rockyJ1m: fwi, martin aspelli just posted a howto on for using zc.buildout with Plone 3... expect a flood of new adopters after this ;)19:43
J1mphiliKON, done19:51
J1mrocky, cool19:51
philiKONJ1m: thx!19:51
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jpfariasgood evening22:45
jpfariashey guys22:45
jpfariashow can I copy an object from a container to another?22:45
jpfariaswanna do it from debug terminal22:47
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jpfariasbenji: good evening22:48
jpfariassrichter: ping22:49
jpfariasneeding some help ;-)22:49
jpfariasI wanna copy an object from a container to another22:49
jpfariasfrom the debug prompt22:49
jpfariasu know how can I do that?22:49
spythonhow much do you want to copy?22:55
jpfariasan object and all its contents22:56
jpfariasthe object is another container22:56
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srichterjpfarias: pong22:59
jpfariashey srichter22:59
jpfariasu know how to help me with above problem?22:59
srichtersorry, I do not have time to chat at this minute22:59
srichterI will be online tonight though22:59
jpfariasguess I wait then :-)23:01
spythonyou could check how copying is done in ZMI23:01
spythonnot saying i know the answer23:02
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spythonbut when i open zope/app/container/browser/  i see a copyObjects() function23:03
spythonyou might wanna investigate that23:03
spythonand zope/copypastemove/interfaces.py23:05
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srichterJ1m: howdo you profile Zope 3 these days? Does the zdeamon package support profiling?23:24
J1mI haven't profiled zope in quite a while.23:26
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J1mwhen I did, I used runurl, but I think that runurl is pretty out of date,23:27
srichterwell, it has no egg, so it is difficult to use ;-)23:27
J1mThere are also issues with the profilers. :/23:27
J1mIt wouldn't be more useful if it had an egg.23:27
J1mbecause it needs to be updated.23:27
srichterupdated to what?23:28
srichterit basically needs a recipe23:28
J1mUpdated to reflect the many changes made since it was last used.23:28
J1mno, the script itself needfs to be updated.23:28
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J1mI would look to see if there is a wsgi-based profiler.23:29
philiKONsrichter: if it were up to date, all you would have to do it is make it an entry poin tin one of the eggs. that gets the script installed23:29
srichterif the Debugger object did not change location and API it should work from what I can see23:29
J1mok, I dunno.23:29
srichterphiliKON: well, I think it might be a little bit more involved23:30
srichterit is like the zope3recipes23:30
srichterin fact, zdeamon really should just support profiling ;-)23:30
philiKONhow is it like zope3recipes?23:30
J1mI don't agree at all.23:30
philiKONwsgi profiler23:30
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J1mwhen profiling, you want to do things like:23:31
J1m- do a warmup request (or sometimes many)23:31
J1m- do a request many times under the profiler23:31
J1mOh and you have to decide which profiler to use.23:31
srichterok, convinced23:32
J1mand, if you use the classic profiler, you need to be able to input a calibration variable.23:32
srichterhe he23:32
srichterok, ok23:33
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srichterluckily zdeamon will drop me in debug mode, so I just call a script from there23:33
J1mright, and you should have access to the debugger there I think and can use it's profiling support, assuming it still has it.23:34
J1mThat might actually be the best route to go.,23:34
srichterrunurl has a function _mainrun that just takes a debugger and does the work23:34
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