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srichterJ1m: philiKON: Actually zdeam debug mode with the _runmain() function works pretty well; you have to warm up manually and start the profiler manually, but that's not too much work;00:14
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philiKONzdaemon debug mode?00:18
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rockywhat's the standard way of giving a ++resource++somefile.gif a non ++resource++ name due to certain requirements? (ie favicon.ico)00:30
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edgordonrocky, did you ever figure that out? sort of an interesting question07:07
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romanofskimoin :)10:12
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CrippsFXmorning folks.15:35
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CrippsFXmorning srichter.15:36
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srichterCrippsFX: good morning15:36
srichternot much15:37
CrippsFXgood stuff.15:37
projekt01srichter, how is the weather at the beach?15:41
srichterprojekt01: its extremely hot and humid here15:47
* srichter looks forward going back to Boston and watch the foliage15:47
* CrippsFX ponders about the title "foliage sprint"15:51
narois anyone installing ZMySQLDA from buildout.cfg ? ZMySQLDA.tgz contains lib/python/Products/ZMySQLDA subdirectory which should be extracted to Products and I don't know how to define it in buildout.cfg15:59
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benjiI don't think I've ever seen a "Pruducts" directory in Zope 3.  If it has a it should be installable via setuptools (and therefore buildout).16:05
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narobenji: I'm sorry. It is more buildout than zope3 question16:13
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baijumTheuni, ayt ?16:38
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jpfariashey guys16:40
jpfariasgood morning16:40
zagythe ZODB afterCommitHooks are not called on abort?!16:40
jpfariasI'm having this problem with catalogs16:40
jpfariaswhen I kill / restart my zope3 instance16:40
jpfariasI need to reindex the catalogs16:41
jpfariasotherwise I don't get correct results for searchs16:41
jpfariaswhy is that happening?16:41
jpfariasany clues?16:41
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J1mI doubt anyone can help without looking at your code and I doubt that anyone has time to look at your code.16:47
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Theunibaijum: pong16:51
ignasJ1m: is there some way for buildout to automagically checkout some repository instead of using an egg? by for example changing/uncommenting a line in buildout.cfg or so16:52
baijumTheuni, I am going to update svn:externals of Zope 3.4 branch with release tags of packages (only for released ones), is it ok ?16:52
Theuniyes, please. :)16:53
ignasJ1m: one of my "applications" depends on a schooltool egg, and i would like to be able to have a nice way to switch to checkout (a nicer way than a manual svn co + develop = path/to/checkout)16:53
ignascheckout of schooltool16:53
J1mignas, you could always create a recipe, but frankly, I think doing a checkout and adding a develop entry is pretty nice.16:54
J1mI suppose it might be interesting to allow subversion urls in the develop list.16:55
J1mor a subversion option that has a similar effect.16:56
J1mCheckins accepted. :)16:56
baijumTheuni, done for the packages I released16:56
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* baijum going to pick some easy ones in TODO list ;)16:59
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baijumTheuni, which version of zope.testing is going to be included in 3.4 ? the latest release is 3.5.1 and there is 3.4.0 release also ...17:46
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Theuni3.4.0 i guess17:52
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philiKON_why not 3.5.1?17:54
philiKON_it's stable17:54
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ignasTheuni: are you the person responsible for packaging Zope3 releases?17:58
philiKONignas: he's the 3.4 release manager17:59
ignasi just wanted to ask if he knows which version of Zope3 is going to be included in Ubuntu Hardy Heron18:00
philiKONisn't that up to whoever makes the deb packages?18:01
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ignasoh, if that is not something release manager does, then yes18:01
philiKONthe release manager makes a tarball18:02
ignasthough it still depends on which release is going to be the most up to date one in April 200818:02
philiKONwe don't do packages for a bazillion linux distros18:02
ignasor 2-3 months earlier18:02
ignasi see18:02
ignasmakes sense18:02
ignasso i guess whichever stable Zope3 tarball exists gets packaged as a deb by debian package maintainers18:03
philiKON well, i hope that they'll soon package the individual ones instead18:03
philiKONwe should give the right suggestions in the 3.4.0 release notes18:04
ignasi just want to try and keep away from depending on anything that will not get packaged before the next ubuntu deadline ...18:05
philiKONwell, this isn't the zope project's problem18:06
ignasdepending on Zope3.4 turned out to be a mistake for schooltool18:06
CrippsFXI'm getting a traceback (the important part is located here: that's complaining about unbalanced parenthesis. I can't see them by looking at all the code I've written since before I got that message. How, then, might I go about finding said "unbalanced parenthesis?"18:06
philiKONCrippsFX: xmlint18:07
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CrippsFXphiliKON: that'll work on python code as well?18:07
ignasphiliKON: i guess it's not, most of projects that depend on Zope3 don't need Zope3 releases at all18:07
philiKONthe problem is in your xml18:07
timteignas: ask the debian maintainer of the zope packages, his mail should be found when doing  "apt-cache show <package>"18:07
ignasespecially if they are using eggs18:07
CrippsFXphiliKON: okay. I shall check it out with xmlint then. thanks.18:07
philiKONCrippsFX: next time read the error message carefully18:08
ignastimte: debian maintainer couldn't have planned for Zope3.4 not having a tarball for so long, so it depends on Zope3 more than him ...18:08
baijumignas, why not help with releasing some packages, when all these individual packages are released Zope 3.4 final will be released soon18:08
baijumthis is the TODO list:
ignasbaijum: because it's too late already i guess18:09
CrippsFXphiliKON: oh, yeah ... tells me right there: zope.configuration.xmlconfig.ZopeXMLConfigurationError:   ... heh, my bad *grins*18:09
baijumignas, is it difficult to run schooltool using Zope 3.3 ?18:10
philiKON3.4 doesn't have too many new things compared to 3.318:10
ignasbaijum: we are using too many packages/eggs that depend on Zope3.418:10
ignasso we concentrated on releasing these eggs assuming that Zope3 will just get released, but i guess next time our release plans should include packaging Zope3 eggs as well18:11
philiKONbaijum, Theuni: i'd like to talk about the todo list for a moment18:11
* baijum listening18:12
philiKONbaijum, Theuni: i think it's plain bureaucracy to introduce a 3.4 branch18:12
philiKONtake stuff like zope.deferredimprot or zope.cachedescriptors18:12
philiKONthese things haven't changed in ages18:12
philiKONthey're not going to start changing now18:12
philiKONthe only advantage of a 3.4 branch created now would be that the trunk was open for feature checkins18:12
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baijumphiliKON, so just tag release without a branch and not increase minor version number in trunk instead of that just make the patch version with .dev suffix ?18:15
philiKONthat's my suggestion18:16
baijumI agree18:16
philiKONbaijum: btw, when you see 3.4dev-rXXX versions on the cheeseshop, remove them18:17
baijumok, will do18:17
baijumCan you update this page with that note: StabilizeEggPackages18:17
philiKONwell, i'd like to see what Theuni says18:17
* baijum want to leave now18:18
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baijumsee you all !18:18
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CrippsFXthis is weird ... I'm still getting the same traceback when I try to run bin/runzope, but "zmllint --noout configure.zcml" has no output for site/browser/configure.zcml ... which according to the xmllint documentation on tldp indicates there are no syntax errors.18:31
CrippsFX*"xmllint --noout configure.zcml"18:32
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CrippsFXphiliKON: turns out it wasn't a configuration error at all ... it was a regex syntax error that I overlooked in site/interfaces.py18:42
CrippsFXphiliKON: ...although, that was a few lines higher up in the traceback, hidden with all the regular "zope doesn't like what you put into it" traceback stuff ...18:43
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philiKONzcml tracebacks suck...18:45
CrippsFXyeah, it's true.18:48
CrippsFXlunchtime for me ... I'll be back in about 20 minutes.18:49
philiKONdon't rush it :)18:49
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CrippsFXhahaha ... I might come back and watch cartoons until lunchtime is up ;)18:49
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CrippsFXmmm ... steak and cheese = delicious19:40
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