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tjslooking for a buildbot z3 test runner class03:24
tjsfor creating build steps03:24
tjsanyone have anything handy?03:24
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goschtl_hi how can i debug unauthorized problems. is there anything like verbosesecurity for z3?12:10
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goschtl_hi i have a custom authenticator in my function     def principalInfo(self, id): the id is " zope.Everybody" instead of the id of my user! Why that?13:32
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mgedminthe user is not authenticated?13:34
mgedminat least some versions of firefox didn't send the HTTP basic auth headers if it could get away with it13:35
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goschtl_mgedmin: ok i will check what my Authenticator does exactly.13:35
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goschtl_mgedmin: the authenticateCredentials returns the right PrincipalInfo!  and i ve checked the http headers for the request it seems to be authenticated!13:45
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goschtl_hi in the principalInfo(self, id) function of my custom authenticator i got always "zope.Everybody" or "zopeAuthenticated" as parameter id instead of my principal id. Is this normal?15:24
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rockywhat's the standard way of getting a buildout to generate the console scripts configured for an egg?15:28
afd__rocky: there's nothing special15:29
afd__in my experience, buildout reads the entry_points parameter of setup()15:29
rockyafd__: well i was expecting the script to be generated just by referencing it as an egg that my buildout uses... but that's not doing it so i assume i need to use a recipe to kickstart it or something15:29
afd__and it even makes them .exe for Windows15:29
afd__rocky: I'm not using any recipe for this on one of my apps15:30
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afd__in the you do:15:30
afd__setup(..., entry_points = {'console_scripts':['app =']}15:31
rockyi have that15:31
afd__ok... then I'm not sure15:31
afd__let me double check my setup, maybe I have missed something15:32
rockyand in my global [buildout] section i have the egg which has that specified in "eggs="15:32
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afd__rocky: I don't know if I can help you further...15:34
afd__I haven't tried yet this feature for an egg which is not developed by the current buildout15:35
rockyi found it...
rockyscript generation is not implicit it seems15:35
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junkafariani was wondering what the best way to handle 404s were16:25
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junkafarianeg handle a request to a non-existent object16:25
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junkafariando i need to hang a url parser off the root folder or can i handle an exception?16:27
afd__junkafarian: look in the basic skin16:27
mgedminif you want to replace the standard 404 error page, write a view on the NotFound exception16:27
mgedminif you want to provide some virtual objects at some given location, provide a custom browser traverser16:28
mgedmin(adapter on (context, request) providing IBrowserPublisher)16:28
junkafariani basically want to pass the url args and parameters to a search function16:28
junkafarian...if its not a valid path16:28
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Theunilooks like i found one of the issues with persistent zeo cache files16:32
Theuniit found me16:33
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TheuniJ1m: I have news! And you can decide whether they are good or bad! :)16:35
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goschtl_he i try to check in an viewletmanager filter if the authenticated principal has the right to see the viewlet. has anybody  an example of this functionality? this is my try but i run into errors:
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srichtergoschtl_: I thought the default implementation does this already17:03
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goschtl_srichter: ok i havenĀ“t  test it. i now check...17:05
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J1mTheuni, what is the news?17:09
goschtl_srichter: you are right. sometimes things are realy easy...17:13
srichtergoschtl_: cool17:14
goschtl_thanks a log17:14
goschtl_thanks a lot17:14
TheuniJ1m: Thomas and I are hunting a bug that might make persistent zeo caches more reliable17:14
Theunithe spurious errors led us to the tests using persistent zeo cache files17:15
Theuniwe're digging into that right now17:15
J1mThat's great news.17:15
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Theuniso a) the trunk is failing spuriously right now but b) looks like we get into a much better state than before17:15
J1mBTW, a simple way to make zeo caches more reliable -- probably indepenent of what you are doing -- is to give them lock files.17:15
J1mThis should have been done from the start.17:16
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Theuniright. that's independent. we were suspecting something like this but noticed that the tests work hard enough to avoid this scenario17:16
J1mI strongly suspect many problems arise from accidendentilly starting 2 processes with the same cache.17:16
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Theunithe spurious errors went away without us doing anything17:52
Theunilooks like they only appear between 2pm and 3:30pm17:52
* benji packs up the time machine to send to Theuni.17:53
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Theunithe probability of an error rises the smaller the cache file is18:18
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srichterso let's do large cache files then :-)18:18
TheuniHmm. Or not. bah.18:20
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pyqwerHi, does someone know how to give a TestRequest() a context?18:29
srichterpyqwer: how can a request have a context?18:32
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pyqwersrichter: Hmmm, I'd like to test my SessionCredentialsPlugin, which is registered/stored in my local site manager.18:34
mgedminyou need to call setSite() in your test setup18:34
pyqwermgedmin: Ah, thanks!18:35
pyqwerHowever, there's one thing I don't understand: When I look at Zope-3.4.0b2/lib/python/zope/session/, line 334, the DataContainer is looked up without any context.18:36
pyqwerHow does that work?18:36
pyqwerI mean, how can getUtility() magically guess which site it should use without a context?18:37
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pyqwermgedmin: Yes, setSite() did the trick, my doctests pass! That made my day, thanks! :-)18:44
mgedmindon't forget setSite(None) in the tearDown, too18:44
pyqwermgedmin: Ah, good to know.18:44
mgedminfun an inexplicable side effects in tests down the line are the punishment when you forget18:45
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junkafarian_hey mgedmin?19:05
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junkafarianit doesnt seem to want me to override the NotFound view19:11
mgedminyeah, zope is like that sometimes19:11
mgedminI use a custom skin19:11
junkafariandispite includeOverrides19:11
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junkafarian mgedmin works a treat, thanks a lot19:35
mgedminincludeOverrides is *tricky*19:36
mgedminyou have to know graph theory to get it19:36
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mgedminwell, not really, but it's really unobvious19:36
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junkafariani havent needed to use it enough to look into it thoroughly19:37
junkafarianonly other time i had to resort to another solution anyway :P19:38
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edgordonI have some objects that keep disappearing from a catalog index when I edit them via a basic formlib form, even thought the form doesn't change any attributes that have to do w/ the indexes. Any idea what might be going wrong? do i need to notify something after these edits?20:07
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ronnysomeone from #zope just send me here for asking about zodb23:59
* benji resists sending ronny to #zope.23:59
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