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projekt01srichter, ayt?02:49
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benjithanks fred03:57
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pyqwerHi, I09:06
pyqwerHi, I'm currently playing around with i18n and poedit - has anyone experience with this?09:06
afd_pyqwer: #plone people should have a lot of experience with this09:06
pyqwerAh, good to know.09:07
pyqwerHave you ever done it?09:07
pyqwerThey probably don't use the i18nextract utility for that.09:07
afd_there's the i18ndude09:08
pyqwerMy problem is that when I change my code, I need to update the translation - that overwrites my .pot file and my original translation09:08
afd_which I think works for z3 packages as well09:09
pyqwerI see.09:09
pyqwerI'll ask my questions there, let's see. Thanks109:10
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pyqwerafd_: Ok, it seems I managed the translations - msgmerge does the trick...10:50
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jayaraj"<div id="toolbar" tal:content="structure provider:worldcookery.Toolbar">" i found this line in world cookery example... i want to know wot is the 'structure' in this? i thought it to be a div tag attribute... but i cant find such an attribute for div when i refered to then wot it could be? plz help. i have been searching for a long time11:21
afd_jayaraj: the provider:worldcookery.Toolbar expression will have as a result an html fragment11:22
afd_you want to render it as html, instead of escaping the tags (which zope does by default)11:22
afd_that's what the "structure" word is saying there11:22
afd_to render that result as an html structure, instead of escaping the tags11:23
jayarajafd_ k i got it friend11:23
jayarajafd_ thank you... so its a tal keyword right?11:24
jayarajafd_ :)11:24
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pyqwerHmmm, it seems i18n has problems when the message id contains UTF-8 characters, e.g. german umlauts - is there some solution to this?11:43
pyqwerI initially decided to write the code in german - hence all messages are in german, too. I can circumvent the umlaut-issue via message-ids but that seems not to be possible in ZCML.11:44
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tfloracI'm looking for samples or tutorials about writing z3c.form widgets subclasses. Any link ?13:04
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afd_tflorac: look at the source code, the widgets themselves can be good examples13:07
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tfloracafd_: I already looked (quickly) at source code and doctests. But I was looking for something which could be more "just follow the steps, Luke !"...13:11
tfloracafd_: what I actually need is a widget to handle a dict-based attribute edition to handle content translation...13:13
afd_I don't know of any like that (but I haven't been looking for one either)13:14
jayarajis there any way to know from which page (url) the 'request' is coming?13:17
tfloracafd_: I already designed fields and properties. I developed a similar widget for zope.formlib without many problems. But now I'm a bit stuck with z3c.form...13:18
tfloracjayaraj: request['HTTP_REFERER'] ??13:18
afd_tflorac: maybe one of its author can help you, if they're online13:18
jayarajtflorac: let me check 1 min13:18
bigkevmcdjayaraj: You can't rely on the HTTP_REFERER for much tho'13:22
bigkevmcdjayaraj: especially not for anything involving "security"13:23
pyqwertflorac: Maybe there are examples in z3c.formdemo?13:24
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jayarajbigkvmcd: is there any other way to get the same job done without using the http_referer14:44
bigkevmcdjayaraj: you haven't said what your job is14:44
jayaraji want know from which page the request is generated...14:45
jayarajor i need to know the currentpage's url14:46
bigkevmcdwhat are you going to do with it?14:47
bigkevmcdYou can get it from the referrer header, you just can't trust that value14:47
jayarajafter serving the request one should be reditrected to the first page14:47
tfloracpyqwer: z3c.formdemo "only" seems to show how to use existing widgets, not how to write new ones...14:48
jayaraji cant compromise the security though14:49
jayaraji saw in the world cookery example for the 'login' link it gets the current url and send it along with the url as a property value! is that safe?14:51
pyqwertflorac: Ok, hmmm - we discussed this issue with Stephan Richter and Roger Ineichen some time ago and came to the conclusion to create a package called z3c.formwidget.14:52
jayarajbigkevmcd: ^14:52
pyqwerThis should be an addon package that provides some extra widgets and also some kind of skeleton.14:53
bigkevmcdjayaraj: that would be safe enough...14:53
pyqwerBut up to now, no one found time to create it - and I personally got around without extra widgets.14:53
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pyqwerSo, this z3c.formwidget should be some complement of z3c.schema.14:54
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jayarajbigkevmcd: you mean the world cookery way?14:54
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pyqwerjayaraj: I don't see why it should be unsafe to use the referrer? I may be wrong but that should never tamper the security.14:55
tfloracpyqwer:OK, I'll wait for it... Until then I'll try to read deeper into doctests, but any guideline would be welcome... ;-)14:56
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pyqwertflorac: Well, maybe I will find some time, however, I have to gain SVN write-access first, moreover I have to learn buildout.14:56
jayarajbigkevmcd: but i couldn't  understand how he gets the current URL.. i searchedthe whole example( i think) but i couldnt find where logic for getting current url is implemented!14:56
pyqwerjayaraj: I don't think you will find it in the worldcookery code. AFAIK it's implemented in the security layer.14:57
pyqwerBut I may be wrong.14:57
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jayarajpyqwer: i have heard its unsafe to use the referer from many source14:57
pyqwerBTW., it's something I'm also interested in as for me, redirection after the login works only in some cases.14:58
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pyqwerjayaraj: If you have a look at Philipps book, page 421 (in case you own it), you will see some code.14:59
jayarajpyqwer: it works in worldcookery example .. he uses one 'camefrom' attribute for that14:59
pyqwerjayaraj: Yes, but I also don't really know where 'camefrom' is set.15:00
jayarajpyqwer: thats what i was searching for15:00
pyqwerjayaraj: Yes, found it - as expected - it's in
jayaraj'camefrom' is set and  appended to the href of 'login' link in the header.15:02
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pyqwerSessionCredentialsPlugin -> line 211.15:02
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pyqwerYes, if the challenge fails, the session plugin simply adds camefrom as a get parameter to the URL - see line 24515:04
jayarajpyqwer: i dint get you15:04
pyqwerjayaraj: Just look at the source, you'll see it.15:04
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norrohey guys. i can't import usbsock in my zope3 view classes (ImportError). The import works on my console. Do I have to set a path variable or something?15:20
jayarajpyqwer: which example you are refering to... i am looking at authentication15:20
pyqwerjayaraj: Yes, me too.15:21
pyqwerOn page 421 Phillip provides some code for browser/login.py15:21
pyqwerThere he reads "request.get('camefrom', '.')15:22
jayarajyea i have seen that15:22
pyqwerSo what he does is extract the URL parameter "camefrom" out of the request.15:22
pyqwerAnd redirects to it.15:22
jayarajbut where it gets set?15:23
pyqwerAnd in the SessionCredentialsPlugin, this URL parameter is set.15:23
pyqwerIt's not in the worldcookery code, it's in the Zope3 code.15:23
pyqwerjayaraj: In
pyqwerHonestly, look at the Zope3 source.15:24
jayarajhehehe in zope3 sorce ..ic15:24
pyqwerBelieve me - for developing Zope3, you will have to dig into the Zope3 source from time to time.15:25
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afd_norro: maybe you're using the wrong python in the console (use the one used by zope)15:32
norroafd_: indeed. console uses 2.5, zope uses 2.415:33
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jayarajpyqwer: Thank you :) my problem solved15:41
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jayarajbigkevmcd: thank you :)15:41
pyqwerjayaraj: Great!15:44
jayarajpyqwer:  :)15:45
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pyqwerHmmm, I need some help with i18n - I have this construct: right = _(u"right"); msg = _(u"${right}" mapping={'right' : right})16:10
pyqwerThe problem is that _(u"right") does not seem to be translated here.16:10
pyqwerWhat can I do about that?16:10
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afd__what's needed for a located adapter to be available as obj/full.class.path.of.adapter/ ?17:44
afd__I'm using a minimal layer and I think I'm missing something...17:44
pyqwerafd__: Hmmm, did you register it for the right layer?17:48
pyqwerAh, no - adapters are not registered for layers, I think...17:48
afd__yes :)17:49
afd__and locate="True" doesn't do what I thought17:49
afd__there is a ++adapter++ traverser, but it's not used in my case17:49
pyqwerSo, what exactly are you trying to do? Add the adapter to a container and access it through that?17:49
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pyqwerSimilar to e.g. a local error reporting utility?17:50
afd__pyqwer: I want to be able to acces the adapter as container/
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afd__where @@index.html is a page registered for the adapter object17:50
afd__I know how to write the traverser to get it done17:51
afd__but I was wondering if I'm missing something17:51
pyqwerHmmm, sorry, I fear that's beyond my capabilities. Btw., why would you want to do that?17:52
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afd__pyqwer: I'm using a library that has a message store on some containers. The urls generated by the library are like that17:52
afd__I'm trying to write the front end for that17:53
afd__but now that I've expressed the problem this way, I think I know what's going on17:53
afd__the adapter might be "container proxied"17:53
afd__I'll write the traverser and be done with it17:54
pyqwerthat may well be!17:54
pyqwerYou can test that via a "print type(myobj)"17:54
pyqwerAnd you can also register it with "trusted="Yes""17:55
pyqwerBut careful - then parts of the security are shut off.17:55
afd__but the adapter it will still be proxied, as far as I know17:55
afd__just it won't get a proxied context17:55
afd__and the locate="True" will make it use security of the context17:56
pyqwerAh 'trusted="True"'. You can see how such traversing adapters are registered in package z3c.layer.pagelet.17:56
afd__as far as I understand17:56
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pyqwerBtw.: Do you have an answer to my i18n problem here: I have this construct: msg1 = _(u"bla"); msg = _(u"${msg1}" mapping={'msg1' : msg1})17:58
pyqwerWhen zope translates this construct, the inner string (msg1) is not translated17:58
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afd__try with18:01
afd__msg1= translate(_('bla'), context=request)18:03
afd__and then your other part18:03
*** ccomb has joined #zope3-dev18:03
* pyqwer trying...18:03
afd__I'm not sure about the contex=request part18:04
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pyqwerafd__: :-) Great, that worked: msg =  _(u"${msg1}" mapping={'msg1' : translate(msg1, context=self.request)})18:08
afd__maybe you should write this in the wiki.zope.org18:08
afd__I usually write this sort of stuff in the Zope in Anger section18:08
afd__although the faq might be just as good18:08
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