IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2008-06-12

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benjioops ;)00:06
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febbhi all....09:33
febbhi jodok , long time !... how are you ?09:34
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seletzHi guys.11:06
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seletzI'm trying to fix the zc.buildout tests to include a doctest for bug
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seletztarek: hi11:18
seletztarek, see above11:18
tareksorry for my late actions I am travelling ...11:18
seletztarek, no problem11:18
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seletztarek, shall I do add the test?11:19
tarekif you have time it would be great11:19
seletztarek: no problem -- i need this fixed :)11:19
tarekthe test should reproduce the bug you had, so validate that the simplest buildout works when new options are added11:19
tarekandreas fixe it though, the trunk works11:20
seletztarek: however -- i find that the buildout inside zc.buildout does not run -- or do i need special massaging?11:20
seletztarek, we need a release as always sucks the lates version from PyPi11:20
tareki asked him to do a release nevertheless, but we defenitely to add tests11:20
tareksee my latest mail about it11:21
tarekwhat is your pb with the buildout.cfg ?11:21
seletztarek, is there something special to do when trying to run the zc.buildout buildout to get test runners? That does not work for me11:21
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seletz"cannot get section python2.3"11:21
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tarekseletz you need to point your interpreters there11:21
seletztarek -- but should'nt the buildout work out-of-the box?11:22
seletztarek, thats a pita and might be the cause the tests are not run ....11:22
tarekfor a quick try run, just comment in the parts 2.3 and 2.5 and python=python2.4 in the [xx2.4] sections11:22
tarekseletz yeah it is not optimal11:23
seletztarek, so i'll fix the buildout.cfg  too.11:23
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seletzuargh, this is very annoing. Not even  the zc.buildout include buildout.cfg works. It suffers from the same problem as the original bug.11:30
tarek|meetingI don't reproduce it here11:31
tarek|meetingcan i see a paste ?11:31
lisppaste6seletz pasted "zc.buildout breakage when trying to buildout the zc.buildout egg itself" at
seletztarek|meeting: ^^^^11:32
tarek|meetinglet me see your modified buildout.cfg in a paste as well11:33
lisppaste6seletz annotated #62098 with "changes in buildout.cfg to make it get past the syntax errors" at
seletztarek|meeting: ^^^^11:33
seletztarek|meeting: that should probly go into my .buildout/default.cfg, but anyhow11:34
tarek|meetingare you sure you have a /usr/bin/python2.4 file ?11:35
tarek|meetingthis error comes from your .cfg changes11:35
seletztarek|meeting: does that matter? I mean, its not that I get the error when i buildout -- its bootstrapping.11:36
tarek|meetingno, runs the buildout11:36
tarek|meetingdo this:11:36
tarek|meetingcp boostrap/ .11:36
tarek|meetingpython boostrap.py11:36
seletzI'll amend the buildout then11:36
tarek|meetingbin/buildout -D11:37
seletztarek|meeting: yes yes :)11:37
tarek|meetingand you'll get your problem11:37
seletztarek|meeting: I have debugged bo before ;)11:37
tarek|meetingI am pretty sure it comes from a wrong python path11:37
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seletztarek|meeting: ok, you were right -- i reverted tha changes in buildout.cfg and put them in my default.cfg with correct paths.11:40
seletztarek|meeting: running tests now11:40
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tarek|meetingso if your environement acts like mine, you should not get any failure related to the problem you had. then allowhosts.txt can be a good place to add your test to see if your reproduce the issue11:41
seletztarek|meeting: I'm on osx leopard with an macports python2.411:42
tarek|meetingmee too :D11:42
tarek|meetingwe need to hook zc.buildout back into a buildbot afterwards11:42
binseer__sorry that was a mistake11:43
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seletzmalthe, hey11:49
malthehey tarek|meeting11:50
pyqwerprojekt01: ping11:50
tarek|meetinghey malthe11:50
maltheseletz: I'll try and incorporate the suggested changes and see how it works out.11:51
maltheit's close to our original approach, but we need to *subclass* Soup, not join the tables.11:51
maltheI didn't know SQLA was clever enough for that.11:51
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seletzmalthe, the tests for your += -= work on zc.buildout fail12:00
maltheright I saw that12:00
seletzmalthe, do you see a fix which can be done easily?12:01
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projekt01pyqwer, what's up?12:03
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seletzmalthe, looking at it it might even be that the test is wrong and the result is correct.12:05
maltheoh hehe12:05
maltheseletz: I can take a look too, but it seems you're already in there12:06
seletzmalthe, indeed.12:06
seletzmalthe, I'll do it.12:06
seletzmalthe, it now respects the original EOLs, and does not generally split at whitespace.12:08
malthethat's the way to go12:08
seletzmalthe, the test did still expect to see it splitted on whitespace12:08
malthesomeone mentioned this problem on the list12:08
maltheI see12:08
malthevery good12:08
seletztarek|meeting: I've committed the stuff. Tests now run reasonably well.12:14
seletztarek|meeting: I've fixed the test for the += -= syntax change, too.12:15
seletztarek|meeting: and the problem i reported is indeed solved in trunk now.12:15
seletztarek|meeting: so, tests are in now, who's doing the release?12:15
maltheseletz: what's the opposite of zip12:16
tarek|meetingyou should try to reproduce the bug you had12:17
tarek|meetingto make sure it is covered by tests12:17
seletztarek|meeting: I can reproduce it in 1.0.512:18
seletztarek|meeting: I've added a test in trunk which shows that the problem is no longer there12:18
tarek|meetingseletz, Andreas has fixed it right after, so a good idea would be to remove with a diff his fix, to make sure your test fails12:18
seletztarek|meeting: mh-kay -- isn't that a bit anal? I mean, the test clearly fails in 1.0.5?12:19
tarek|meetinga patch has been applied without a test, a test has been added without a patch - let's make sure they are really linked.12:20
seletztarek|meeting: ok, is there a trac where I can see the changeset in question?12:21
tarek|meetinglet me get it for you12:21
tarek|meetingthis is andreas patch12:21
tarek|meetingif you remove it your test should break12:22
tarek|meetingand this was my original work here:
seletztesting now12:23
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seletzI've reverted locally12:24
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seletztarek|meeting: yes, the test catches that error. It fails now.12:25
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tarek|meetingseletz, cool :D12:25
seletztarek|meeting: I'll include the link to the changeset in the doctest for reference.12:25
tarek|meetinggreat, I guess we can safely make a bugfix release now.12:26
tarek|meetingall tests passes12:26
seletztarek|meeting: well, some of them complain because the python executable path does not match.12:27
seletztarek|meeting: but these can be hardly related?12:27
tarek|meetingdo you have 2.3, 2.4, 2.5 available in your box ?12:27
seletz2.4 and 2.4, no 2.312:27
tarek|meetingwell, part of the release process is to make sure all tests pass on all pyton targets12:28
tarek|meetingbut maybe you can leave that part to andreas, which is marked as release manager on pypi12:28
tarek|meetingas long as 2.4 works, it smells good12:29
seletztarek|meeting: hmm, i do run the test2.4 only so far. Let's try 2.512:29
seletztarek|meeting: looking closely, I DO get errors12:30
tarek|meeting2.3 would usually fails when some 2.4 syntax is used in the code, like genexps iirc12:30
seletztarek|meeting: But I'm not THAT deep into zc.buildout to judce12:31
tarek|meetingsure, you did a great job already :D12:32
seletztarek|meeting:  documentation and history updated.12:35
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pyqwerprojekt01: Ah, hi, I had some problem with z3c.pagelets and errors (loses the context), but it seems I got it running by myself.13:01
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pyqwer(I must not ascend from the context to the site, instead, I have to use getSite() in my viewlets).13:02
projekt01pyqwer, viewlets should be locatable via the __parent__ chain, or not?13:03
pyqwerBtw., does someone know how to use the "IAuthenticatedPrincipalCreated" event in case I have multiple sites? Problem is, that the event is fired for all of my sites, which leads to an error.13:03
pyqwerprojekt01: I think we discussed this issue some time before - problem is that in case of a Page not found / Error, the context is lost.13:04
projekt01There must be something worng, I use nested sites all the time and had no problems13:04
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projekt01pyqwer, that's because of a very ugly error location implementation, some parts of zope just assign a empty site root, everything get lost at this point13:06
pyqwerHmmm, in my viewlet I simply ascend from self.context until an object is found that provides ISite.13:06
projekt01you can try to add a own error reporting utility in your site13:06
pyqwerI did that already, but it did not help - at least not for the "ascending algorithm". For getSite() from it seems to do the trick.13:07
projekt01I see13:08
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pyqwerBtw., have you ever used the IAuthenticatedPrincipalCreated event in a scenario with multiple sites?13:09
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mlundwallDoes anyone know how to reuse the nice navigation macro/thingy up in the left corner of main zope screen?14:12
mlundwallI need a similar browsing.14:13
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Pan_how can i turn on accesslog in zope?14:26
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Pan_before zope.conf had accesslog directive, now its gone?14:32
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Pan_now i get:14:33
Pan_(zope)arch:/home/zope/moae# bin/paster serve deploy.ini14:33
Pan_Error: unknown type name: 'accesslog'14:33
Pan_(line 21 in file:///home/zope/moae/zope.conf)14:33
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ignas Pan_: i think access log or it's equivalent is handled in deploy.ini, because it is the file that contains your "server" configuration14:49
ignaszope.conf only has "application" configuration14:49
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Pan_ignas: but zope.conf always had accesslog configuration as i remember15:07
ignasyes it *had*15:07
ignaszope.conf had the port and server ip set too15:07
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Pan_ah, yes.15:10
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Pan_so whats now correct configuration for accesslog? i suppose not <accesslog>, but some accesslog = something... like that? is there any example?15:11
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ignasno idea15:13
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Pan_ignas :)15:14
Pan_hehe, zope forever ;)15:14
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pyqwerafd_: If I remember right, you also set up Authentication recently?17:14
pyqwerI don't really get the difference/meaning of my user object <-> Principal <-> PrincipalInfo...17:15
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ignaspyqwer: Principal can be Nobody, not just your user object17:28
pyqwerOk, I see - and why use this PrincipalInfo?17:29
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pyqwerWhy not simply stuff this extra information (which is merely a description field) into the Principal?17:30
ignasseparation of concerns i guess, so you could write an adapter that retrieves that information17:31
ignasfrom your User objects17:31
ignaswhile still using principals provided by Zope for example17:31
projekt01it's a security layer, there is no access from PrincipalInfo to Principal or InternalPrincipal this way17:31
pyqwerOk, I see.17:31
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ignasi see, wasn't aware of it's usage then ...17:32
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projekt01if you like a simpler IAuthentication implementation, see z3c.authenticator17:33
pyqwerOk, I got it. Thing is that during the authentication, my user is fetched from the database in authenticateCredentials() of my auth plugin and then principalInfo() is called, which forces another database query.17:34
pyqwerBut maybe, I simply cache the user in my session and retrieve it from there...17:35
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projekt01pyqwer, do you need to enhance the principal attributes with e.g. a email address?17:36
pyqwerHmmm, not sure, maybe.17:37
projekt01don't fight with, it's not useable for enhancements17:37
projekt01store additional principal infos in principal annotation or use z3c.authentication17:38
pyqwerSeems so. My "adaption" of currently looks like a partial rewrite. :-(17:38
pyqwerI thinks I'll really have a look at z3c.authentication, thanks!17:39
pyqwerEspecially, I don't need the principalfolder stuff as everything is stored in a RDB.17:39
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projekt01z3c.authenticator is my result of fighting with
pyqwerHeh, I was currently thinking of factoring out my own code into some external package...17:41
projekt01pyquer, note; there is right now no grant view for z3c.authenticator17:41
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Theunibenji: can you remind me of the issue when testbrowser switches between     + httperror_seek_wrapper: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden18:55
Theuniand     - HTTPError: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden18:55
agroszerhey Theuni18:56
agroszerI might be involved there a bit18:56
agroszeras I remember I tried to change mechanize there18:56
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TheuniI thought there is a normalizer around that is used by default that turns them into one form?19:01
agroszerwas quite a long time ago19:02
Theunithat's why i wondered19:02
agroszerI don't remember whether I tried that and did not make it19:02
Theuniit just happened to me here ...19:02
*** vimes656 has joined #zope3-dev19:02
agroszerdo you want me to try and fix it?19:03
Theunii don't think there is something really broken on your side. it might be on mine.19:05
Theunii just wondered what caused the issue initially and what might cause it to reappear19:05
agroszerI think this was caused by a newer mechanize19:06
agroszerthe old one raises the one exception19:06
agroszerthe new one the other19:06
agroszerthe old one cannot handle links with anchors (#)19:06
agroszerthe new one can19:06
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srichterdoes anyone know the new Web site to upload keys?19:59
srichterJ1m: ping19:59
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J1msrichter, pong20:03
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srichterJ1m: do you remember the new location for the key upload?20:17
srichterthanks a lot20:19
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