IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2008-07-30

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voyager__ hi all, i have a problem with zope3 on debian linux.... anybody can i help me?04:27
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fcorreaIs there any obvious reason for say /@@/foo/bar.png not to be same thing as /++resource++foo/bar.png ?05:30
fcorreaI mean, I can access the image through /++resource++foo/bar.png but I can't through /@@/foo/bar.png05:31
CSWookieI thought it was.05:33
CSWookieNot that I like that, but I don't make the rules.05:33
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fcorreawondering if zopeproject is downloading versions that are incompatible with my current packages. z3c.zrtresource stoped to work all of a sudden06:04
fcorreaAND I can't get my resources to be exposed through /@@ only /++resource++/06:05
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mgedminpeople who complain about pypi's huge package list might be interested in
mgedmingreasemonkey rules16:45
projekt01mgedmin, great idea!16:49
CSWookieWhy would people complain about the huge project list?16:50
CSWookieIt's like saying, "Apt's got too many packages"16:51
philiKONCSWookie: when you're logged into pypi16:51
philiKONCSWookie: and you're the owner/maintainer of, say, 100 eggs16:51
philiKONCSWookie: the box on the right hand side doesn't float16:51
CSWookieThe list of packages you own.  I dig.16:51
philiKONCSWookie: you scroll way down16:51
CSWookieThat is pretty cool.16:51
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fcorreasrichter: yt?20:50
srichterfcorrea: yes20:51
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fcorreaany idea on why a zrt resource can't get served like /@@/foo.css ?20:51
fcorreaI can only reach it through /++resource++foo.css20:51
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fcorreasrichter, I think now I know why z3c.zrtresource wasnt processing. Some kind of conflict with resourceDirectory and zrt maybe20:55
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fcorreasrichter, I will investigate it more later. I mean, I suppose a zrt should be served when accessed as /@@ right?20:58
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srichterfcorrea: yes21:03
fcorreasrichter: right...when I use /@@ it returns a blank page only and checking errors sounds it didn't find it21:04
srichteryou have to use it liek /@@/name.css21:06
srichtereffectively liek a regular resource21:06
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fcorreasrichter, are you aware of any issue when using it combined with resource directories?21:14
srichteryou cannot21:14
srichterbasically, you cannot override the resource factories used by resource directory21:15
srichterwe could extend the resource directory directive to accept custom factory declarations.21:15
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fcorreaYep. In my case I have a bunch of css files sitting in the css directory and all off them are ZRT resources21:16
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fcorreaAnd one of them has a zrt-replace that will replace by /@@/cssdir/foo.css for example and that's not going to work.21:17
fcorreaWell, at least I know why it isn't working. Thanks21:17
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srichtermgedmin: btw, great effort with getting the KGS 3.4 packages up to speed; the Keas engineers thank you :-)21:27
srichtermgedmin: Once you are done, I think we simply release Zope 3.4.021:27
* mgedmin is still waiting for angry complaints21:27
mgedminI'm sure I must've missed something21:27
mgedminthe latest checkin to proves this21:28
srichterI am going to run buildout without "-N" tongiht and let you know21:28
mgedminI'm thinking of setting up a buildbot or two for the 3.4 KGS21:28
mgedminthere still are quite a few things left I'd like to get into 3.4.0 final21:29
mgedmine.g. those kgs test failures21:29
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srichtermgedmin: I am very happy that they are even this low ;-)21:30
srichterI had to work very hard to get there; I think I started at about 60-70 failures21:31
srichtersome of the problems are also due to test cleanups not happening, because they pass in isolation21:31
mgedminany ideas why zope.release/test/bin/test ends up testing my /usr/lib/python2.X/site-packages?21:33
srichtermmh, no21:35
srichteryou can check the buildout.cfg file, but it should not contain anything weird21:36
mgedminmaybe buildout finds something from the dependencies in my system python21:37
srichterbut it should only test the listed eggs not its deps21:39
mgedminit's trying to test the lxml egg21:39
mgedminI'm pretty sure I have python-lxml installed in my system python21:40
* mgedmin tests the theory21:40
mgedminyes, if I remove lxml from the eggs to test, I no longer see --test-path /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages21:41
mgedminhm, what to do with z3c.form?21:45
mgedminthere were quite a few bugfixes since 1.8.0, including the python2.5-compatibility fix21:45
mgedminbut also a couple of new features21:45
mgedminare new features acceptable in KGS updates?21:45
mgedminwait, the features happened after the 1.8.2 release21:46
mgedminI think there were only bugfixes between from 1.8.0 to 1.8.221:47
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mgedminhm, updating z3c.form to 1.8.2 breaks z3c.formjs 0.3.021:51
srichterthat could be; note that there are several changes in z3c.formjs/trunk that fix that21:52
srichteractually, Paul just confirmed that21:53
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srichtermgedmin: btw, in z3c.testcoverage d we want to explicitely ignore modules and testing/  packages from the report?21:54
* mgedmin sighs watching the svn external updates slowly scroll by21:54
mgedminsrichter: no, I don't think so21:55
srichterok, so you tell me I have to write a test for my :-)21:55
mgedminyes :)21:55
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mgedminat least I thought so at one time21:55
mgedminfoo.package.testing is part of your public API21:55
mgedmin"if you want to use this package in your tests, here are helpful stubs/setup/teardown functions for you"21:56
mgedminAPI should be tested21:56
mgedminI haven't followed that idea religiously in my own code yet :/21:56
* mgedmin is done for today21:57
srichterhe he21:58
mgedminabout z3c.coverage: there ought to be a buildout recipe21:58
srichtergood work21:58
mgedminand options for which patterns you want to include/exclude21:58
srichterI am really looking forward to this final Zoep 3.4.0 release21:58
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mgedminwith sane defaults probably excluding, to make it more useful for current zope code21:58
srichtermgedmin: here is what I use:21:58
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srichterrecipe = zc.recipe.testrunner21:59
srichtereggs = keas.rule [test]21:59
srichterdefaults = ['--coverage', '../../coverage']21:59
srichterrecipe = zc.recipe.egg21:59
srichtereggs = z3c.coverage21:59
srichterscripts = coverage=coverage-report21:59
srichterarguments = ('coverage', 'coverage/report')21:59
*** ktwilight has joined #zope3-dev21:59
srichterit's not elegant, but creates scripts that are runnable without arguments21:59
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TvHi guys. Will I be horribly abused if I ask about zc.buildout here?-) Anyone have nice tips for multi-account products, like A can write but B can only read, different software running as different users.22:21
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srichterTv: no22:32
Tvi want to create user accounts etc22:32
Tvi'd love to use buildout, if it's applicable22:32
srichteryeah, you can use a recipe that uses random Python scripts22:32
Tvi can see how to do "everything runs as one account" setups easily22:33
Tvbut i don't see how to coordinate stuff between needing root / not wanting root for everything22:33
Tvor things like "stop service, wait until it's down, only *then* upgrade the egg"22:33
srichteroh, I see22:33
srichterthe framework will not help22:35
srichterbut you can write a script that switches users22:35
srichterlook at
Tvoh i can write the recipes all right, i just don't "see the big pic"22:35
srichterit provides a recipe to run a script that you wrote22:35
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Tvi'm starting to feel like i want one runs-as-root buildout and a buildout per account user, or something22:36
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fcorrea_is there a convenient method to find out the application url to be used in a template for example?22:55
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mgedminfcorrea_: what's the application url?22:57
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mgedminsome_object/@@absolute_url is the answer22:58
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mgedminwhere some_object is whatever you consider to be your application root22:58
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fcorrea_mgedmin, that's what i mean. the url of the application root23:04
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mgedminthe zope 3 root folder?23:09
mgedminor the current site?23:09
mgedminanyway, I don23:09
mgedminanyway, I don't believe there are predefined shortcuts to do that in page templates23:10
mgedminexcept for resources23:10
mgedmintal:attributes="href context/++resource++foo.png" will construct an absolute url right for the current site23:10
mgedminwith /@@/foo.png appended23:10
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fcorrea_mgedmin, for the nearest site. I know context/++resource++ contructs that url, but I need to create absolute links in a page and I need to get this contruct from somewhere.23:15
fcorrea_mgedmin, I wrote a application_url view for the app for now. That will get the site manager and compute its url with IAbsoluteURL23:15
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fcorrea_mgedmin, how do you usually get the root app for a application? I am getting the site manager and then i just use its __parent__ attribute. Is there any other way to do it better?23:40
mgedmingetSite() should work23:40
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fcorrea_mgedmin, heh...didn't know that *obvious* one23:45
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fcorrea_mmm, a LocalSiteManager doesn't have getSite() though23:58

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